A magical bedtime tradition

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The land where dreams are made

Deep underground, there’s a magical world - Slumberbury - where the Sandman and little creatures, called Nodlings, create and deliver dreams to children around the world each night.

You and your child are about to embark on an incredible adventure!

To begin, click the button above and read the story.

Then when you adopt a Nodling, you will receive everything you need to create a nighttime tradition and memories that last a lifetime.



1. Discover Slumberbury

Read the e-book The Secrets of Slumberbury: An Unexpected Adventure.


2. Write to the Sandman

Write a letter to the Sandman to request a Nodling.


3. Spark Your imagination

While you await the arrival of your Nodling, begin your Magical Chats (see FAQ).


4. Welcome Your Nodling

Give your Nodling a special name and a comfy home.


5. Dream Big

Keep your Nodling close by for Magical Chats and wonderful dreams!

The Secrets of Slumberbury: An Unexpected Adventure


A Most Extraordinary Package

Magical: Handle with Imagination

Now it's your turn to make the ordinary extraordinary...


My kids are obsessed! What a great gift idea!

Michelle S.

Every time we're in the car at night, my kids want to hear the story of the Nodling.

Dawn M.

We already had a tradition of talking about what my kids did during the day. But they love this because of the idea that it fuels their dreams!

Janice P.

I wish I had this for my own [3] kids, but I'm thrilled to read it to my grandkids!

Steve J.

making the ordinary extraordinary

We’re on a mission to help parents create magical connections and lifelong memories with their children, without sacrificing their sanity or breaking the piggy bank.

The Secrets of Slumberbury is a quintessential childhood experience, designed to help on-the-go parents effortlessly create a magical daily tradition with their children.