The Tradition That Makes Bedtime a Breeze

Eliminate struggles. Connect. Make memories.


Our story & plush make bedtime fun

Deep underground, there’s a magical world - Slumberbury - where the Sandman and little creatures, called Nodlings, create and deliver dreams to children each night.

Help your child adopt a Nodling today!


1. Write to the Sandman

Write a letter to the Sandman to request a Nodling.


2. Read the Story

Discover the magic of Nodlings & Slumberbury.


3. Adopt & Dream Big

Give your Nodling a comfy home & tell it about your day to have wonderful dreams!

Do you ever end the day with guilt?

- Are bedtimes a struggle?

- Do you wish you were more patient with your little one?

-Is your mind somewhere else?

-Do you worry you're missing out on the fun stuff?

The Secrets of Slumberbury: An Unexpected Adventure


An Extraordinary Package

If you put your kid to bed, you need this bedtime tradition.

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Designed for kids 3-8. Enchanting for everyone.

My kids are obsessed! What a great gift idea!

Michelle S.

The kids still love Slumberbury. We read it again tonight for like the thousandth time, and afterwards Z. got all excited to think of things to tell me about school to make idea seeds.

Clota S.

I wish I had this for my own [3] kids, but I'm thrilled to read it to my grandkids!

Steve J.

We already had a tradition of talking about what my kids did during the day. But they love this because of the idea that it fuels their dreams!

Janice P.

Every time we're in the car at night, my kids want to hear the story of the Nodling.

Dawn M.

What Makes Slumberbury Special?

The Secrets of Slumberbury helps children look forward to bedtime. Parents say their children sleep with their Nodlings and talk about them every night long after adoption day.

More important, it takes bedtime from frustrating to easy and memorable for parents.

We know what it’s like to spend the day doing all the things and then have no energy for our kids at night. We’ve asked the universe WHY it’s so difficult for them to just go. to. sleep. only to sit on the couch and have that nagging feeling that we've got it all wrong.

The Secrets of Slumberbury is designed by two working moms who have hosted the Pinterest-worthy birthday parties, planned the Disney vacation down to every meticulous detail, hidden the Elf on the Shelf (nearly) every single night, all at the expense of their sanity and piggy bank.

So Slumberbury keeps it simple. Nothing to remember. Just simple magic.

1) Adopt a Nodling

2) Snuggle and talk about your day

3) Enjoy wonderful dreams

Magical: Handle with Imagination

Invest in memories

How much are stressful bedtimes costing you?

How many of your child's adventures do you not get to hear about?  How often are you not in the moment? How many chances to make memories are missed? Are you the fun, playful parent you want to be?

Not having an effortless bedtime tradition may be costing you a great deal.

Bedtime is just a few hours away...