What age range is The Secrets of Slumberbury for?

We recommend it for little ones who are at least three years old. Beyond that, it is appropriate for anyone who believes in the power of imagination and the wonder of dreams. Whatever your child's age, he or she will treasure the memory of receiving a Nodling!
How big are the Nodling and the book?

The Nodling is nearly 14-inches tall, from the bottom of its feet to the tip of its ears. It is soft and huggable, and its enchanted door and coat are both removable.

The book is 11.5" x 9.5." It is a sturdy hardcover book with vibrant illustrations, printed on thick, glossy paper—perfect for little fingers.
Where is Slumberbury?

Under every park, beneath the earth, there are hidden hollows that are all connected. The hollows make up the world of Slumberbury.
What exactly is a Nodling?

Nodlings are creatures that live and work in Slumberbury, alongside the Sandman. Like people, Nodlings have many occupations. The Nodling that's delivered to you is a Dream Carrier. When you read The Secrets of Slumberbury: An Unexpected Adventure, you’ll meet another type of Nodling or two.
How will my Nodling get to and from Slumberbury each night?

Your Nodling will carry an enchanted door on its back. When this door is placed against a surface—a wall, a tree—it creates an entrance into Slumberbury.


Does the Sandman send Nodlings around the world?

The first class of Nodlings has been reserved for delivery in the United States only, but the Sandman will be delivering worldwide very soon.
What is a Magical Chat?

We all know what a Magical Chat isn’t.

"How was your day?"
"What did you learn today?"

In Slumberbury, children’s ideas are the things dreams are made of, and the story encourages Magical Chats.
A Magical Chat is a memorable conversation with your child in which you deepen your connection, or nurture important qualities—or do both. We believe good questions hold special powers to spark wonderful conversations. With your Nodling adoption, you will receive our parent’s guide – Magical Chats: Creating Meaningful Connections through Dialogue – which outlines tips to help you turn your conversations with your little one into Magical Chats.
What qualities can a Magical Chat help me nurture in my child?

While we believe the possibilities are endless, some key qualities include empathy, kindness, mindfulness, curiosity, and grit.
What languages are available for the book?

Currently the book is published only in English, but we hope to have many more languages available in the near future. Drop us a line us at questions@slumberbury.com or use our contact form to tell us which language(s) you would like available!
Are your products safe for children of all ages?

Our Nodlings are made with carefully selected, high-quality materials, and all of our products are third-party tested to meet both U.S. and EU child product safety standards for children three and up.
Will I be charged sales tax?

In certain locations, we are required to charge sales tax. It will be charged only in the locations where it is applicable and will be listed in your order summary when you check out.
Can you gift wrap my order?

We don't gift wrap because every Nodling comes in a shipping box that has been carefully designed to capture the Slumberbury experience and delight a young child.
Can I purchase a gift card?

We’re just getting started, so we don’t currently offer gift cards, but we will certainly keep this in mind for future development.
My order is damaged. Can you help?

We are so sorry to hear that. Please contact us at questions@slumberbury.com or use our contact form and we will do whatever we can to make it right.
What is your return policy?

Our return policy is quite simple. We treasure our customers and want them to be thrilled with their Slumberbury experience. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, email us at questions@slumberbury.com or reach out through our contact form, and we will issue a refund or exchange when we receive your return.
Can I request a new experience or feature?

We would love to hear your ideas! Please drop us a line at questions@slumberbury.com or send us a note using our contact form.