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We’re on a mission to help parents create magical connections and lifelong memories with their children, without sacrificing their sanity or breaking the piggy bank.

We help parents make bedtime with their kids less stressful by helping them create a tradition that gets their kids excited to go to sleep.

Our product is a storybook about Slumberbury (think: the North Pole for dreams) and a plush toy (called a Nodling) that delivers dreams each night  from Slumberbury. Children receive their magical package when they write a letter to the Sandman.


Deep underground, there’s a magical world - Slumberbury - where the Sandman and little creatures, called Nodlings, create and deliver dreams to children around the world each night.

When children talk about their day or tells stories, they scatter Idea Seeds. Nodlings collect these Idea Seeds and bring them to Slumberbury, where they’re turned into wonderful dreams.


A most extraordinary package!

Not just a plush toy and a storybook. The day a child receives the Nodling and beautifully illustrated copy of The Secrets of Slumberbury: An Unexpected Adventure from the Sandman is magical.

1) Adopt a Nodling

2) Snuggle and talk about your day

3) Enjoy wonderful dreams


We’re two working moms who’ve learned that it’s tough to infuse each day with magic and delight for our kids the way we want to.

Instead of being consumed by mom guilt, we’ve set out on a journey to create a magical tradition with our kids that’s grounded in our daily routine.

A. Storie Twister & C. Wunder

It’s an unlikely story of best friends (twins, they say) who started out in polar opposite worlds. A. Storie Twister grew up in a very typical suburban home in the New York, with a stay-at-home mom who went over the top with all holidays and traditions. C. Wunder, on the other hand, was raised on the small Caribbean island of Dominica where she spent her summers in her grandmother’s village climbing trees to pick guava and washing clothing in the local river each day. Her mom pursued a career that often had her travelling the globe.

Today, A. Storie Twister and C. Wunder live in the same town – across the street from each other – in New York’s Hudson Valley. They work for the same company in NYC and experienced their first pregnancies together (with daughters born five months apart).

They share the belief that the best way to create memories and traditions with their kids is by making the ordinary extraordinary.


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