The first-ever Nodling class graduated from Slumberbury Academy! Adopt now to receive one of the limited number of graduates!

Adopt a Nodling

Adopt a Nodling

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When you adopt a Nodling, you will immediately be able to start your adventure and get your favorite little person excited to receive it. Adopters on receive exclusive pre-arrival goodies:

  • Excitement-building tips: Pointers on how to introduce The Secrets of Slumberbury and build anticipation with your child
  • E-book: The Secrets of Slumberbury: An Unexpected Adventure (PDF)
  • Letter: Printable letter from the Sandman for you to personalize for your child 
  • Parent's guide: Magical Chats: Creating Meaningful Connections through Dialogue (PDF)

Then the Sandman and his team will send your child a secret package including:

  • Nodling: The huggable, magical Nodling and its enchanted door
  • Book: An illustrated, hardcover edition of The Secrets of Slumberbury: An Unexpected Adventure